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The Tradeswomen America Scholarship Program (TW Scholarship Program) seeks outstanding individuals who are ready for a new career in the skilled trades and eager to embark on the transformative vocational college experience to get there.

Tradeswomen America does not offer handouts. These are not entitlements. Successful award recipients need to work to build the chosen career in the trades. The Program is designed for the recipient to achieve the start of career success and then repay the funding with a return once the educational component is completed and the career path has begun: to then pay it forward by paying it back so we can further assist others. Skilled graduates have networking and entrepreneurial support, and community connectedness, to further their career path and financial success.

Tradeswomen America aims to provide scholarship opportunities to as many hard working, able, and interested candidates as possible. The Scholarship Program has considerable flexibility in selecting candidates. There is a strong focus to serve need-based underserved groups such as, for example, and not limited to: women; minorities; older persons; rehabilitating non-violent criminals; veterans; the homeless; and, unemployed seeking retraining opportunities.

Open to all current members of Tradeswomen America.


The Tradeswomen America Scholarship (TW Scholarship) is a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship for outstanding individuals from low-income households. Selected Scholars will receive funding for part or all of the cost of attendance to earn a college certificate/diploma in a skilled trade, that is not already covered by other financial aid and the expected family contribution, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or the methodology used by a Scholar’s school or college.


March 31, June 30, September 30, December 1. These scholarships have a rolling deadline. Scholarship applications are accepted year-round.


The award for each TW Scholarship varies, depending on the individual’s tuition need, career path, and college selected. The award is intended to fully cover tuition to completion of a certificate, diploma, or degree in a skilled trade. The average award is approximately $8,500.00.


The fund covers direct educational expenses including tuition, fees, and related course supplies and materials.


Funding from The TW Scholarship Program will be disbursed directly to Scholars' colleges/universities. The program will not disburse funds directly to students or non-university third party vendors.


Students will need to upload the following documents, as applicable, which will be requested at various points during the application process.

  • • A copy of prior transcript(s)
  • • Student Aid Report (SAR), once the FAFSA has been completed
  • • Financial Aid Award Letter
  • • Letter of admission to an accredited college or other institution
  • • Enrollment Verification
  • • Resume


Some or all of each scholarship award may be considered taxable by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Scholarship recipients are responsible for ascertaining tax liability for the scholarship, and for reporting the taxable portions of their scholarship as income. For details, please visit the IRS website at www.irs.gov and read through Topic 421.


The TW Scholarship program does not disclose confidential information about our Scholars to any third parties unless previously authorized by the Scholar or required by law.


Yes. A student must plan to enroll or be enrolled full-time, in a certificate, diploma or degree program, at a U.S. accredited, private or public college or university.


  • • Upon receiving an award, students must maintain all funding requirements in order to remain in good standing with Tradeswomen America and remain eligible for future funding.
  • • The award may be funded at multiple deadlines if previous coursework has been completed.
  • • Failure to maintain funding requirements may result in probation and/or infraction status with potential loss of funding.
  • • Applicants will be evaluated based on the information submitted with their application and additional steps in the application process. Online virtual interviews will be arranged when interviewers are not within a reasonable distance of Finalists. Students are responsible for all costs associated with submitting an application and for their transportation costs to attend an interview should they be invited to do so.
  • • Awards are subject to available funding.

  • • Applicants must be over 18 years of age and have obtained a high school diploma, GED, SAT, or ACT score(s). The College Admission Process typically requires this.
  • • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • • Scholarship awards are need-based. For those individuals who are financially able to access education without scholarship support, we encourage you get a membership and become a mentor once your education is completed!
  • • We recommend, but do not require, students to choose a local, in-state college career path as this is much more likely to be funded over out-of-state requests.
  • • You do not need a good credit score, however, you will be required to submit a current credit report should you be short-listed for further consideration. We take an holistic view of each applicant’s situation.
  • • While there are no minimum SAT, ACT, or grade point averages required to apply for a TW Scholarship, candidates who show academic excellence are encouraged to apply. You must be academically able to complete your college education.
  • • Prior to the interview process and presenting a conditional scholarship offer a background check will be required. A criminal history will not exclude an applicant from being eligible to apply and potentially receive a TW Scholarship. We do not ask about criminal history in the Scholarship Application. You are welcome to be forthright with such information at any point in the process as it could work to your advantage since we seek to serve high-quality individuals, including those with a non-violent criminal history facing re-entry and career growth challenges.
  • • Current membership is required to submit a scholarship application.

    1. A completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) prior to each academic year. This is obtained at the www.fafsa.ed.gov website.

    2. Transcripts showing that they are continuing to meet their institution’s academic requirements, at the beginning of each academic year.

    3. Enrollment Verification forms dated the day after the start of each new term.

    Additionally, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress towards skilled trade certificate, diploma, or degree attainment.

*Revised Feb 1, 2021


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